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Look expensive like with Silk and enjoy the comfort of Cotton, with our striking collection of Silk Cotton Sarees online. Silk Cotton Sarees also called the Sico Sarees, sometimes called traditional Silk Sarees and are designed to give the richness of a silk saree with the luxury of cotton.

cotton silk sarees are a blend of both silk and cotton fabric in the weft and wrap respectively, they are considered to be a higher version of a cotton saree as they contain silk in them. While manufacturing these party wear silk sarees, weavers use silk threads only along wrap, to give the feel and texture of silk. And use cotton for the major part of the saree to add intricate designs and colours. Silk cotton sarees are sturdy, lightweight and softer compared to a pure silk saree. Women of all ages love silk cotton sarees for they make a more comfortable daily wear, office wear and also give a professional look.

There are many types of cotton silk sarees based on their design, weave, thread count. However, the most common is Kanchi Silk Cotton Sarees, Chanderi Silk cotton, Kora Silk Cotton sarees, Gadwal Silk cotton Sarees etc. Buy cotton sarees online from our selective collection online and look festive every day.

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