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Vivaaha Silks

Vivaaha Silks and Saree is an Kanchipuram Handloom Silk Saree Online Store developed by the Kanchipuram Weavers Society to reach Customer Directly.

The detailing and the perfection is what makes our traditional sarees a perfect wear for any opulent occasion. The sartorial designs and patterns weaved in silk makes our selection stand apart. The sarees flaunt beautiful weaving and zari work that showcases motifs hues colours and tone. Our sarees come in contrasting and self borders with pure zari.

We preserved our culture and heritage in the form of sarees. Our Sarees are extra special because every member of the family involved in making it, When you buy it from us, you extend your support to the hard work of that family of our weavers.


Kanchipuram Saree Weavers

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